Laser cutting

Surface cleaning of metal

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Milling and turning

Powder coating and wet painting

Quality control and standards


Traktor Ltd. was found in 1994 in the city of Pleven. The business of the company is divided into two main areas:
  1. Manufacturing activity - production of machine parts and assemblies for tractors, harvesters and power equipment. Production of saddle metal boxes. Over 90% of the total business.
  2. Repair - installation of new work and repair of tracked and wheeled tractors with more power and their units - engines, gearboxes and chassis.
The main products offered by the company are different types of parts, components, assemblies and components for heavy machinery, including fully finished end products, such as engines and gearboxes and tractors, which are used mainly for energy, industrial development, forestry and agriculture.
Over the years the company has achieved a high specialization and quality of manufactured products utilized specific procedures and know-how, and in 1987 has launched a strategic partnership with а global leader in the production of combine harvesters and tractors CLAAS GmbH - Germany. More than 90% of the production is exported to EU countries.


Traktor Ltd has made considerable investments in new production machines in the last five years. The main goal is to offer our current and potential customers best possible quality and wide range of products and services. Our latest investment was in Fibrolaser cutting machine, Powder coating, Bending, CNC Milling, Horizontal latte machines and Conveyor feed shot blasting system, which helped us increase our production capabilities and technological processes offered.   


We produce metal products according to customer’s drawings. We offer laser cutting, punching and bending, welding, milling and turning, powder and wet painting.